Chemical & Cosmetic Track & Trace

All-in-one solution based on unique code on each item for Chemical & Cosmetic Track & Trace compliance 

As media exposure and social media sharing functions are commonly used, consumers need more safety information about chemicals or chemical products that are directly or indirectly exposed in daily life, and product demand is gradually diversified. Therefore, Track & Trace chemical/cosmetic efficiently is a global subject for us to study and practice. Providing more efficient and more nature made product for end user decision making by R&D new product or update existing product, and upgrading supervision from prodction to end user are two ways to improve competitive in the industry.  Anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling are common physical secure on production and transportation, Track & Trace solution/solution based on unique code on each item is the way to build trust for daily used product. Combined JawaSoft's Track & Trace and Product Tracing System (PTS) is the advanced solution for chemical & cosmetic product management with market analyze to assist marketing decision making. JawaSoft can provide all-in-one service in production which keep daily used chemical & cosmetic safety; the production line upgrading or customized will improve competitiveness from brand reputation, production efficiency, future expansion and implement informatization under big data era.

Track & Trace project in Chemical & Cosmetic

For small and micro company:

• Problems: small volume on sales, small output, generally low profits, relatively old production equipment, relatively basic information system construction, subjectively reluctant to launch QR code tracking system equipment, or unwilling to invest too much capital cost;

• Solution: help company gradually complete the construction of pesticide QR Code conversion system, meet the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture for pesticide supervision, provide third-party platform services, and complete the production line system construction or upgrade and transformation through standardized software and hardware code print on products;

For leading company:

• Problems: group large-scale production and operation, large product sales, wide sales, serious regional channeling, most ERP systems have launched;

• Solution: conduct in-depth investigation and analysis, and provide company with tailor-made integrated solutions for pesticide product traceability, by providing 'code + logistics warehouse + traceability platform' products and services, achieve the comprehensive integration of company information systems, to help the digital transformation and upgrading of company supply chain management, mining data value, services to support the agile decision-making of company operations;

Realizing unique code for each item (smallest sales unit), Track & Trace could provide:

• Full lifecycle quality traceability system for safety and quanlity management;

• IOT internal control for storage management, service and product quality improvement;

• Anti-counterfeiting for supply chain management, trust building;

• QR Code marketing for digital marketing.


PTS is a solution for develop business value based on chemical/cosmetic information interaction.

JawaSoft patented software PTS could manage huge amount of data in easy way and market decision making. PTS could docking with government's product traceability platform, company system (e.g. ERP, WMS), and production line (include code print on unit, camera, labeller, etc.) with user friendly interface. Supporting all types of code printing and aggregation on variable types of product (e.g. bottle, spray) is one more reason for improve production efficience. Furthermore, the result of full lifecycle traceability assist the company to improve product quality and market decision making. Chemical/Cosmetic quality and safety traceability system based on PTS can monitor IOT by connecting producing, quality controlling, monitoring and consuming steps. Once chemical/cosmetic safety problem happens, the relevant information could be found in its safety information database for control or recall from the source to keep legal rights of consumers.


Coding & Aggregation software is a solution for anti-counterfeiting on each sales unit.

Chemical/cosmetic safety control is the final goal of avoid counterfeiters entering the market and caused safety or ethical problem or even life threatening. Product traceability system requires unique code and aggregation for each smallest sales unit (or other level of packaging need to be tracked) to be traceable from manufacture to consumer. 

Unique code (e.g. Data Matrix, QR Code) on each smallest sales unit is machine readable and it is unique (e.g. GS1) to be traceable, alarm, and recall. Aggregation is assign relationships between packaging levels (e.g. carton/bottle/bag, bundle, box, pallet), which between lower packaging level and higher level or through several packaging levels to ensure each item is tracable and the record about product can be traced for years.


Track & Trace is a solution for (at least) lot-level of product traceability and anti-channeling.

The lower level packaging (e.g. carton/bottle/bag) code print and inspect under high speed to qualify traceability requirement and high volume production requirement. For any type of complicated production line, JawaSoft can provide efficient solution on code printing and inspection line of code printing, inspection, labeling, sealing whether semi-automatically or automatically under ISO standard.


Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a solution for product inbound and outbound management in warehouse.

Optimizing product management by machine readable unique code on each unit of store package in warehouse. User friendly interface could docking with other systems (e.g. transport system), and support inventory product visualization in all types of warehouse with semi-automatic operation or fully automated operation. 

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